Thursday, 10 February 2011


Before! Please note I have filled them in with powder.
Pretty sure you weren't meant to apply the creme like that lol. Comes with spatula (used this first time round) but with brows a mascara spoolie would be better.
Follow the instructions, but I *think* this was after 20 minutes. You can see its a bit patchy and I've done a bad job of washing it off as you can still see residue on the left brow.
This is probably after another application done using a spoolie this time.

Hey guys, I decided to go for it and bleach my brows. Looking at the time line it looks like a different person in each photo (look at my skin tone) lol. I still don't get the hang of my camera. 
Anyway I am pleased with the results it does has a 'red' undertone but it sort of compliments my skin tone. Its really weird having fair eyebrows as my face isn't really framed any more so I feel like a alien every time I look in the mirror.
Not sure if I will keep this up forever. But if you want a 'temporary' change, bleaching your brows is a good option.
Please note you will probably get a better result if you have medium-dark coloured hair. If you have really thick brows I would avoid as it might be hard to get the colour even.

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