Sunday, 20 February 2011


 I look like a mess but I like this one. I like the lipstick shade.
 My best friend's brother gave me this, it's from a cracker but I still love it (very easily pleased).
FYI nails are Barry M nails effects
 Birthday present from A.J. I just asked him where it was from because it's so cute but he insisted on getting me one. Ebay if you are wondering!!!
M.F is my 6 year old sister. She's at the age where she no longer listens to me or she'll question everything I tell her to do.
 LOVE magazine. If you know me I only get fashion magazines for the editorials/fashion house's advertisements. This magazine is no different except the paper is much better quality (SADDO alert- but I collect spreads) and the editorials rock (decent models/photographers/yada). And MOSS.
 Most recent-ish photo of me. My mum hates my eyebrows- I look 'silly' apparently.
 I never realised how fast your eyebrows grow. They are growing out fast and look especially bad since the hair is black. I've just bleached them again till I figure out what to do.

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