Wednesday, 16 February 2011


 Prime lids, I used M.A.C's Soft Ochre paint pot and set the entire lids with a wash of light matte cream eye-shadow
 Use a mid tone matte cool brown and apply under the eyes and drag the colour down. I used M.A.C's Quite Natural paint pot
 Do the same for for your upper lids and go deliberately higher then your natural crease and blend
 Don't blend too high or too low that you loose the light shade highlight and lid colour
 Set the brown base with a similar matte eye-shadow shade
 Apply black kohl eyeliner messily around the eyes and inner waterline, more smudgy the better (looks less perfected)
 Using a black matte eye shadow, set and blend the eye-liner
 Add lashes (optional)
Using NYX's Deep Purple lip pencil fill in the entire lip and using a black liner ( I used same Kohl pencil) contour the corners of your lips and gently blend together
For the rest of my face I used a matte foundation and contoured the cheekbones heavily... TA-DA!

It's up it's up! I think this is my first 'proper' tutorial. Note everything has to be MATTE. No shimmer. Lips will be really dry if you just use lip liner so perhaps add lip balm with a low shine if you were to wear this out. Hope you guys like it and I know it's not THE most flattering look of all time but if you want to try something different.... erm go for it!

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