Tuesday, 25 October 2011


THE MAKE-UP IS SUBLIME..... And where I got the eyes from!
 The whiskers/mouth area didn't look quite right..
So I took it off and added.....
Longer whiskers and moved everything closer to the mouth

Hey guys, thought I'd share my Halloween cat make-up test run. I usually don't do anything for Halloween but since I'm at uni' the idea of going out and getting drunk in 'scary' fancy dress appeals to me haha.
I was just going to do something last minute BUT I started to go into panic-need-ideas-mode when I was trying to think of something for my friend *I think I'm doing his make-up when he finally decides what he wants to be*.
I don't know if I'm just picky but I just couldn't find any cat make-up online that I liked. They would be either too complicated or just too simplistic.
Anyway I decided to take the Dior inspired cat eyes (I always refer back to that shows make-up) and just wing the rest... What do you guys think?
I have a week or so till Halloween so any critiques would help me enormously! And I will take 'proper' photos on the day as my test run make-up has so many 'off' bits!

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