Friday, 14 October 2011


I brought the dig' camera out with me as I planned to go to the museum....which turned into a shopping trip. Oops.

Am I really going to do a blog post about a coat? YES. This is going to be such a nerdy post but to me this was exciting.
To cut it short I was stumbling around the H&M sale and I saw this unusual coat lurking in the rails.... and it turns out to be a super rare LANVIN X H&M (2010) coat. IN THE SALE. I grabbed it and rushed to the changing rooms to crazily ogle over it in private.
I know it's technically H&M but these collaborations are going to be the closet I'm ever going to get to owning designer garments. It was retailed at £200 but was reduced to £100 which I think is quite reasonable. I loved all the small details and the frayed edges just gave it 'that' high fashion look.
Unfortunately it just didn't fit me right (size 12) and as much as I would convince myself in my head to buy it I don't think I'd wear it anytime soon....... pure silk + coat=  DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN. 
Anyway I put it down reluctantly and that is the story of 'THE COAT'.

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