Sunday, 2 October 2011


All the graphic design peeps effort!
 Me and my group made the 'd'
Flying our kite (letter I). It's indestructible I swear. Currently sitting at my home :)
Gannet the mouse!
Brief: how to catch a mouse without killing it
My second ever time dealing with stop motion animation..... And I quite enjoy it! Me and my team ambitiously decided to do a stop motion animation in one day and I think it payed off :D
Side note I'm actually the voice of the guy (Bob the house owner). I sound so YORKSHIRE.
I return to the BALTIC!
How cool is this... for the first time EVER the Turner Prize will not be held at the TATE but at the BALTIC! SWEEET. The nominees I *think* will have their entries up as an exhibition too. So I am really excited for it (late October).
Haul I got at the Baltic: 
 Cheese door stopper! Which I need as I've been using a beret as a door stopper for the last 2 weeks lol
 Not really into costume jewelry anymore (don't last= waste of money) but for £2.95 I couldn't pass up
 It's made by Noodoll and they actually sell this for £10 but I got it for £5! I love the illustrations
Cards! Sorry the 1st one is a bit 'rude' and the other two are made from fabric.... love the patterns and colours!
NOT from the BALTIC.....but H&M! It's a suede* plaited bracelet and I love it so much I bought a replacement encase I lose it.... best thing is it is only £1.99... WIN and they come in other colours too if you don't like black :)

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