Saturday, 15 October 2011


 I've actually always wanted to go to a seminar by MAC and yesterday I decided to take the plunge of booking a place. The S/A said it's held in a private room where we'll be taught the latest looks and get to see all the new winter collections a week early! My expectations are high so I'll do a a review of it when I go to it  :)
 I am not perfume savvy at all. I just either like it or I don't. I LOVE THIS. It was just by chance I smelt this and now I'm spraying this everytime I see it. I need a new perfume anyway as I've actually manged to finish my main fragrances (Marc Jacobs Lola and Givenchy Ange ou Demon).  So I have an incentive haha.
Stumbling around TK Maxx and I found Pixi products..... all for £2.99. YAY.
I love how the kit is so slim and I'm really impressed with the quality of the eye shadows (no primer used in the swatches, though I can't comment on the wear etc atm). This palette will be great for my kit!
Love the holographic pink tones that come through depending on the light. I'm starting to use eye-shadow again (too lazy in the morning.... I just stick with liner!). I think this shade will look lovely with brown tones :)

At this moment in time I've not got any work to do over the weekends...... so I just go into town. Which is bad. Because I will just buy things. I've also been hitting up H&M  quite a bit recently because there doesn't seem to be a Zara here... or maybe I just keep missing it. Anyway hopefully this will be the last of my unnecessary sprees. Such a bad student. Don't be like me!

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