Monday, 7 November 2011


Quick doodle on the unloved kitchen whiteboard
MEOW! And I know it looks like I used two different sets of eyelashes on the bottom but basically one of them was malting!
With ears....
and without! I'm aware the photos are pretty much identical- sorry!
 Cat print skirt from Zara to complete the look, I wasn't too adventurous with my costume.... think the make-up was enough! 
MAC seminar goodies
It was much better than I expected. And apparently it was the first ever MAC technique class they've held up north (or so I over heard).
There were two MAC trainers demonstrating two different looks on two models simultaneously from start to finish using the new Christmas collection.
I wish I had brought my camera with me but I had no idea it would be such a professional event (cameramen, swanky lights and all).
I think if you are a beginner it is worth attending too see what techniques and products were used to achieve certain effects. Anyone a bit more advanced there was nothing 'new' but I enjoyed watching the artists at work and see how and why they did things.

Hey guys, this is my last Halloween related post! You can see my original test run post here.
I was really rushed with time and I managed to mess it up the first time round, so it's not as 'perfected' as I wanted. I tweaked a few things such as the colour palette and the eye duct area.... Which version do you prefer?
Anyway I am pleased with the results and I got a few compliments asking me who did it, which is always nice :)

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