Sunday, 18 March 2012


 With (obvs just an example of what it might look like)....
or without! I'm wearing MAC's extended play also.. one of my fav' muted reds that doesn't say POW! AND I'm in my pj's... don't judge.

Ugh, I'm having one of those impulses again. Basically this girl with a nose ring popped up on my Facey wall and now I kind of want one. Talk about being easily influenced (I'm not usually this bad). What do you guys think? It's a tad 'hipster' or 'hippy chick'..... which I'm neither but I kind of like it, even though my nose ain't exactly my favourite feature.
I go home for Easter in two weeks so I'll get it done then if I decide to. I have to consult the parentos first though - good daughter here. And if they say no, I'll use the "I'M 20 YEARS OLD THOUGH!" card ;)


  1. My mum went berserk when I mentioned it to her... I'll leave the idea for a bit. And I miss your blog Lucie! Hope you are well x x x