Saturday, 9 June 2012

WEDDING 3/06/12

Hey guys, a really impromptu job where my mum agreed to do the make-up for a friend till she found out I was coming home so I got given the job. No trial but the brief was 'natural' which is what I prefer with weddings.
The client never wears any make-up so this was a fun transformation and she said it was better than when she had it professionally done for her wedding in China!
Oh her skin was also SUPER silky soft. My mum reckons it's because she doesn't use any make-up on her skin at all. Oh skin envy - I have this with everyone I work with.
My mum was responsible for the hair and nails. Team L.F!


  1. Aw wow, she looks so pretty.

  2. Thank-you! I guess my job is done :) x