Saturday, 30 June 2012


Me, mum and older sister, here's a link to the little one so she doesn't feel left out. 
I mainly scanned this in because I now own a decent scanner! I think the quality is amazing compared to most I've tried... or I'm just too picky - NO to pixelation.
Apparently I was a couple a months old there. It's OK I know I wasn't a cute baby. No-one compares to Flynn Bloom. Lastly I think my mum has vampire blood in her! Anti-aging part.... not the glittery shit. 
 Good bye green hair! It was fun whilst it lasted. I don't think I'll ever do the whole ombre/'fun' colour dye thing again, just because the bleach wrecked the hell out of my hair and I'm too lazy to keep up with the colour.
Hair cut today! Love hate relationship with fringes... I love them but they are high maintenance and don't really suit my face shape... but fack the rules! I dyed the tips of my hair brown after getting rid of as much green as I could, alas I still had green in there! 
So...... back to black now. Normal boring L.F. And job friendly.... cough cough.


  1. I LOVE IT! And I love the cute picture of your family, your mum must have that coveted youth gene :)