Tuesday, 4 June 2013


My friends boyfriend wrote this. I always love people's interpretation of my name. I don't mind, I know it's a bit of a weird one to spell/pronounce.
Fifi Lapin, so cute! Not really going to take advice from a rabbit, but I LOVE the illustrations inside. I'm also a sucker for a hardback book too.
Uniqlo is one of my go to places for garments. I really love all the collaborations Uniqlo brings out regularly (designers, artists etc) and I find the quality and workmanship pretty impressive for the price. I've bought quite a few pieces from their recent collaboration with Celia Birtwell this month. But I am a print fiend.
My local cinema had a anniversary 25 hour film day. I went to see the Swedish version of Let The Right One In. I've heard of it before, so I had some inkling of what it would it be about, but I went in thinking it was a thriller/horror.... but it's more of a love story with a few horror parts. I laughed at a really really awkward part during the film. The room was silent. 
Tea Sutra. The finest tea emporium in Newcastle. It's become mine and Celeste's favourite haunt. Here's a photo of the fancy tea set up. Yum. 
Fun Tuesday! I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby. I've not read the book before but it's been 'controversial' adaptation between fans of Fitzgerald and Luhrmann. Saying that I really enjoyed it. I didn't find it visually too distracting, but more so the music at times felt like it was there just to be cool/hip.... blah. Seemed irrelevant.
Then later that night I went to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich.... I wasn't actually a big fan or anything. I'm not usually an acoustic kind of girl but I tagged along with Celeste and I enjoy going to gigs anyway.... probably the best way to enjoy music. It was really awesome. A few fan girls about, but it felt really intimate. During the end, Benjamin went into the audience and told us to all sit down whilst he played Atlas Maps. I somehow managed to be at the front again. So I'm presuming there are videos out there of me being literally next to him not singing to his songs hahaha. Oh and one of the support acts there was a guy called Sivu. Oh man. He made that night for me. He was so so so brilliant live. I just listened to his music all next day. 
 Home! Theodore has a new partner in crime. Jeff. He looks like a Jeff.
I try to go back to see the Foundation Show at LCA every year. I didn't bump into any of my tutors but it's bittersweet when I go back. I have such fond memories of my time there, and it was definitely where I think I 'found' myself as a person/designer/artist.... whatever the fuck I am.
Superficial time! Only joking. A few bits from Illamasqua when they had that AMAZING 50% code.  I'm currently into contouring. Definition: YES YES YES.

Brief update with some bits from Newcastle and Leeds. Only a month left before Celeste leaves, and that really sucks. I initially thought I'd stick around Newcastle for a bit longer but I had finished early May anyway, and I found myself in a snowball of emotions as the weeks went on (so emo I know)... things aren't going too well atm but SILVER LINING. Or something. COME AT ME. Anyway sorry if I keep bringing up Celeste but she kind of unexpectedly came into my life, and she's become a really close friend in such a short space of time. And being such a private person I don't find it too easy opening up to someone... but it's something I knew would happen from the get go. I'm planning on going back to Newcastle for the degree show anyway, so I guess that will be my last goodbye. In the meantime I'm sorting 'stuff' out and enjoying my time back at my 'home home'. Nothing has changed too much, but I might be going back to my high school to help my textiles teacher out, which sounds fun to me.

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