Saturday, 15 June 2013


My brows are finally starting to grow back fuller! DO NOT OVER PLUCK YOUR BROWS. Or be as deranged as me and aspire to recreate Fergie's brows. FML. My problem area is mainly my dark circles and uneven skin tone. I look tired... but it's me!
Less tired looking! And sporting tons of tricks of the trade.

Hey guys, I guess inspired by my mum I thought I'd show a before and after kind of thing after a meal out recently. I've been bare faced here before but I thought it would be nice to show how I look normally... flaws and all. It's ok! Patchy lip stain removal on the bare faced one though, sorry!
I obviously look better and feel more confident with make-up on, but it's also important to feel comfortable in your own skin. I know some people who REFUSE  to leave the house without anything on and to me that's such a shame.

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