Friday, 28 June 2013

PROM MAKE-UP - 28/06/13

My gorgeous client, her skin was AMAZING (butter soft and normal skin type = jealous). She has the most stunning facial structure and full lips too. A dream to work with!
After! Smokey brown eye with winged eyeliner to help even the lid shapes and soft blush on the cheeks with a wash of colour on the lips. I've noticed the lip shape is slightly uneven, I'm not sure if it was rubbed off whilst getting her hair done or my error. Not too much of a big deal because my client said she would use something of her own over...... but lesson of the day: double check. 

Hey guys, I didn't think I'd be doing a prom job this year, but out of the blue I got one. I always find it funny when a client asks for a 'natural' look but always shows me a really full on look as a reference. I just went with a look to enhance her features, but be 'glam' enough to be noticeable. Working on the eyes was a good learning curve too, because you might notice her eye lids are both completely different shapes - so the challenge was to use eyeliner and false eyelashes to even them up. I think she looks really beautiful and I'm just slightly annoyed at myself for the lip mishap.
Until next year for another prom job!

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