Wednesday, 26 June 2013


My hand after a make-up job!
Finally got a chance to stop by. Lots of well known, indie and niche publications and zines. Love this place. My friend Elly waiting for me at the till.
Picked this shirt from the store too! One of my foundation tutors (Matthew the Horse) from LCA started this project which you can check out here.
This is my second set. Really rave these brushes - I use these over my high end brushes.
Good place for cocktails and drinks, nice addition to Leeds.
 I really shouldn't of bought these, but I'm a sucker for Marc Jacobs.
Impulse purchase, but I love Dogeared.
I really love this product but shade 5 tends to oxidise on me, so I bought this shade to custom blend. The woes of having oily skin. 
 My friend Ed taking the piss out of me. Unfortunately Kitty Dicky does exist in the form of Faberge haha. I really miss his company because we spent most of F.A.D together and now it's like twice a year or something ridiculous.
I was hoping to see red pandas because my friend really loves them :)
 A few of us  went to Chester Zoo for my friends early birthday day out. I really enjoyed myself and we didn't even finish the whole zoo even though we got there at 11! My favourite animal was probably the bush dogs. So CUTE.
 Back to Newcastle. Do some errands, see degree show, say 'goodbye' and a classic L.F thing to do: FORGET THE KEYS TO YOUR HOUSE. My housemates phone went berserk, so I had to resort to hanging round my neighbours with all my baggage. I think they are getting used to me having key related problems and residing to theirs. The weather was really beautiful and I felt this weird sense of belonging going back. My 'home', kinda. I've been away 3 weeks and a bit and I miss this place. Me and my sister both love Newcastle as a city to live in but we both hate the weather. It's usually cloudy and cold 98% percent of the time. Seriously. Anyway third year in September. I got some marks back from my last assignment (dissertation proposal) and I had to just laugh. Another comment about my confidence. I've had these comments since primary school. I'm 21 now.
I feel almost bad owning this. This is the scent EVERYONE has. But this version is infused with leather and that caught my eye. The sillage is insane. 
These have been out for awhile but I've resisted getting a pair because they are a bit pricey. I managed to get these discounted so I might start up a little collection. I don't plan to use them... just make-up artist porn.
One of my favourite things to do is to just walk around aimlessly in museums/galleries by myself. Work above is by Grayson Perry.
I had the ZEF time of my life. They were so awesome live. I've been waiting for this gig for so so long! I managed to get a spot on the second row till it got too crazy. I've also broken my no camera out policy at gigs. It usually drives me crazy why people faff around with their fancy phones/cameras instead of enjoying the live music..... but I couldn't resist. Hope they come back to the UK soon!

Not in chronological order or anything. Just snippets of everything... well a glimpse of my so called life. I do a lot more. Promise.

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