Sunday, 21 July 2013


I caved in and bought the ring I've lusted over for about 2 years or so. Calourette having a major sale on wasn't an incentive or anything.......
Glittery nails holding glittery polish. When did I get this girly?
20s or.....
Illamasqua Leeds had a Hollywood screen sirens drop in session and me and Sophie dropped by to learn some tricks. It was a really enjoyable session apart from the weather that day.... so hot and humid! Eurghhh. 
My grim looking bruise from after the Die Antwoord gig. I thought it was kind of pretty in a weird way.
52 editions of British Vogue's. My parents were so annoyed at me. But my defence is: I paid £20 for all of them and I have a well known obsession with collecting fashion publications.
My first time trying Korean food. Or knowingly anyway. I'm not sure what I was expecting but my friend's were hyping it off the scale beforehand. The food was nice but it reminded me of Thai food? I'll give this place another visit, but I'm still a sushi girl at heart. 
I think our friendship went to the next level when Allan allowed me to let rip with a shaver on his head!
Pre DIY head shave and with 2 year old tortoise Quinten! Obviously the most logical thing for my jobless friend is to buy a new pet. Fingers crossed he gets a job - I know how hard it is.
This place is AWESOME. I think at lunch they have a £1 per sushi plate offer which is a really good deal if you are looking for a quick lunch. Upstairs they also have a dessert room which is SO good. I recommend the shaved ice and pandan waffles (green tea flavour) - might want to share them out though because they are quite large.
So comfy and they smell nice! Is that a weird thing to say?
Another pair of Converses because my last pair has been worn to shreds.
Apple passwords are a pain in the ass I swear.
Some Chinese fashion publications I found in my mums office. It's quite interesting to see the trends from across the pond.
My inner make-up artist side loved the cute kitsch-ness of this red lip enamel necklace.
My mum made me this giant pillow from some fabric we found at the market. I like the chirpy gecko :)

Hey guys, another round up from my Iphone! Some exciting news I have for you is: I have a job interview this week and I'll also be working on a photoshoot with some bloggers for a fashion brand. Woo!

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