Thursday, 22 August 2013


As mentioned in my photo shoot post, this is the item I picked out for myself as a gift. I'm totally into the sneaker-wedge (Isabel Marant) trend right now. SHAWTY NEEDS SOME HEIGHT - I'm 5ft 1 ish! These are really comfortable and I like the deep red suede-effect going on. Adds some colour with out saying POW.
It's expensive BUT it delivers.
My friend got me this as a belated birthday present... thanks! Totally unexpected and I'm glad she decided to go down the simple design route. Say no to 'bling' ALWAYS.
My latest skincare fix. A lot of hype with this line, but so far I'm really enjoying it. The infamous cleansing balm is pure luxury and makes the skin so smooth - I use this as a second cleanse though, just to limit my usage and extend the product longevity. Also buy the cloths and ditch the muslin!
I like mugs... and prints.
I've recently become a bit of an Ebay whore and this shirt caught my eye. I love the illustration especially the birds with hats! It's got a felt finish too which is pretty neat :)
I've raved about his products before but this is the only cleanser I use for my brushes now. To make the soap last longer dilute into a separate bottle - no need to use it neat! Clean and conditioned brushes guaranteed!
 My Die Antwoord shirt. 
This has been on my wish list for years. Is it worth the hype? I won't be using this till I cut down my already huge foundation/base stash.

Hey guys, small update and haul. How is it August already? AND WHY DO I START BACK AT UNI NEXT MONTH. NOOO. It's been a good summer and I've definitely enjoyed time off and come to some realisations that have clouded my head for awhile. It's funny how your outlook can change in a couple of months - I'm in a more optimistic mindset. Ready to finish my degree, hopefully amazing adventure teaching times in Korea with Allan (yep, total 360 outlook) and follow whatever path comes my way after that.
Also on Monday I got some really good news..... I got the job at Boots again. I presumed I didn't hear anything because they were waiting nearer to Christmas shop period, but apparently I should of heard from them sooner. I was speaking to one of the managers today and they said out of 40 interviewed, they only accepted 4! I'm so happy because I think during my interview I was really nervous. I've been called in early to do some extra shifts so it means I get a proper uniform and I get to work the tills this time! I'm kind of excited my name will be on the receipts because my name is quite unusual.... but this won't be good if I make a mistake haha. Yep! So I'm back in Newcastle now instead of being looked after by my parentos.... bye Summer. Hello reality :)

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